Embroidered Rose How-to


It’s finally here, my little image description of that knitted rose I’ve been going on about. Well, a try to a how-to anyway … So let’s see how this goes. This is the way that I learned how to embroider it so it may well be that an expert somewhere out there will say no, no, no and slap my fingers…

Anyway, you need some kind of wool fabric and wool yarn for embroidery. 

I know you can use any kind of normal embroidery floss and fabric of cotton but it might get really finicky.

Draw a circle on your intended fabric

1. The first step is to draw a circle on your intended fabric. Use anything around but try to mark the middle as best as you can.

Sew stitches from the middle

2. Sew stitches from the middle and out as a child of a star then add stitches between the first stitches. Try to make the star as round and even as you possibly can make it.

Stick the needle between two of the star’s “rays”

3. It should look like this then. Run the needle and thread back to the front of the fabric between two of the stars “beams”.

Embroidery is always embroidered counterclockwise

4. Always embroider the knitted rose anticlockwise. This is the “basic stitch”; Stick the needle at the top of the right star beam and thrust it back where the thread “started”.

Insert the needle at the top of the next, the left, “beam”

5. Stitch the next stitch from the top of the next, the left, “beam ” (or the stitches of the last row) and back between the next set of “beams” (or last rows stitches).  

Repeat all around, and change colour every two or three turns

6. Repeat and change colour every second or third row if you want to. Traditionally, I think you are supposed to start with the lightest colour in the centre and work yourself outwards regarding the colours. Though I think you can do however you really fancy!

The back should look something like this when you’re done

7. The reverse should look something like this when you’re done. The hard bit is to make the rose dense and round. It takes a lot of practice so don’t give up because your first three roses look like squares and aren’t as dense as you wish them to be. Remember that you can click on the images to see them bigger!

If you have any questions or if something is unclear send me an email or comment on this post and I will try to answer as best as I can!

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